Jessica Baker


Jessica Baker

Like her stepbrother, attorney Patrick House, Jessica Baker finds law “a family affair.” She too developed an interest in Social Security disability law at a young age because of her father, attorney Paul Baker, and her mother, Susie Baker, the office manager of the Paul Baker Law Office.

“I’ve watched my mom and dad help people every day on a day-to-day basis,” she said. “It had a huge impact on me.”

Jessica Baker graduated from Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee, with a history degree in 2014. She became a staff attorney with the Paul Baker Law Office after graduating from the University of Tennessee College of Law in Knoxville in 2017. She handles disability cases, car accidents, and some criminal law matters.

“I knew I would be able to help more people and be in a position to help the office,” she said.

While in law school, Jessica Baker provided pro bono legal advice to residents at a homeless shelter and served as the managing editor of the Tennessee Law Review, the oldest legal publication in the State of Tennessee and the oldest law journal at the University of Tennessee College of Law.

She also worked on a handbook for the Tennessee Bar Association about how to navigate the Social Security disability process without a lawyer.

One of her strengths is her compassionate ability to relate to her clients and the pragmatic way she conveys information without a lot of jargon. “We’re not dealing with people at the highest point in their lives,” she said. She appreciates “getting to know my clients, hearing their struggles.” She is licensed in both Kentucky and Tennessee.

When not at work, Jessica Baker enjoys spending time with her dog, playing tennis, and following University of Tennessee football.

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