Reviews & Client Testimonials

Very happy with the legal services I received from the staff at Paul Baker Law office. They were responsive, professional and compassionate every step of the way. Thank you!

So glad to have them on my side. I had a difficult case and it was not easily won, but we won at the hearing thanks to my attorney, Jessica Baker and Paul Baker Law Office. Couldn’t have done it without them. They really care about every client and took care of me every step of the way. They treat you like family. They did not give up on me or my case. I cannot recommend them enough. If you have a case, take it to them.

The Baker law office has been very responsive. They also have taken the time to fully explain the process of applying for SS disability. They made sure I understood that it would be a long process . They didn’t sugar coat anything . No pie in the sky expectations or promises . They told me they would do everything possible to secure my benefits as quickly as possible with no guarantees . I couldn’t ask for anymore . I completely understand that they are dealing with what sometimes can be a very complicated process . I communicated with Jessica . She was kind , patient and very professional. Hopefully they can help me . God willing and the Baker law groups professional help my SS disability will be secured . I feel very , very confident they will try their best . I would highly recommend this law group .

“Did everything my husband needed done over the phone at a very quick and speedy time. Very professional and will do what it takes to win your case.”

“Jessica Baker was a caring an very wonderful lawyer. The help she gave me changed my life. I lost my husband in 2013 and in 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and couldn’t work and didn’t know if I would live. God gave me a chance at life and with the help of Jessica and the Baker law firm they gave me a chance to make my life easier and without the stress if worrying about how I could provide for my children. They are the best and they have heart. If you need help please call Baker law firm they are the firm with heart and passion. Thank you Jessica.”

“100% I have known him my whole life. He and his team will treat you like family. They will handle your case and you like you are family, with the understanding and most care you need. You will not find a better lawyer or a team.”

“In many disability cases, most people have to gather their own medical records and do a lot of the running that their rep should be doing. I didn’t have to do anything but show up for my doctor appointments and occasionally touch base with my rep, they did all of the work to get me my disability benefits. I highly recommend Paul Bakers firm.”

“Most definitely would recommend! Went above and beyond to help with my disability case.”

“I definitely recommend this law firm. My aunt had tried for years to get her disability and Paul Bakers office got it for her on the first try. She said was blessed to have Heather working on her case that she really took time to help her and made her feel like family. Who knew such a place existed where people actually care!”

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