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Types of Car Accidents in Barbourville

Types of Car Accidents in Kentucky


    While Barbourville is generally known as a safe community to live in, the reality is that severe injury accidents can still happen here or anywhere in Knox County.

    In a single recent year, there were a total of 690 car crashes in Knox County, Kentucky – a 17% increase compared with the average of the previous four years. Nearly 30% of accidents in the county resulted in injuries or fatalities, with drugs, alcohol, or speeding often cited as contributing to the crash. 

    If you suffered severe injuries in a collision in the Barbourville area, the attorneys at Paul Baker Law Office want to help you seek the compensation you’re owed. We fight for the rights of people who were injured by the negligence of others. We represent real people, not insurance companies. 

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    Common Types of Kentucky Car Accidents That Can Result in Fatalities or Serious Injuries

    Any time two vehicles collide, there is the possibility of severe injuries, extensive property damage, and worse. The following Kentucky statistics show the types of car accidents most likely to result in injury or death:

    • Collision with a moving vehicle: 91,135 accidents, 67% of occupants killed or injured
    • Collision with a fixed object: 24,047, 20.4% of occupants killed or injured
    • Non-collision overturned vehicle: 1,256, 2% of occupants killed or injured
    • Collision with a pedestrian: 1,114, 2.7% of occupants killed or injured

    Some of the most common kinds of car accidents in Kentucky include:

    • Rear-End Collisions — Rear-end accidents are extremely common, many of which occur at lower speeds. Even low-speed collisions can cause very problematic injuries, but insurance companies often downplay the severity of injuries in such cases.
    • Head-On Collisions — When two vehicles collide head-to-head, the possibility of fatal injuries is significantly increased. Head-on crashes may be the result of improper passing, wrong way driving, or driving in other dangerous circumstances.
    • Intersection Accidents — Some drivers fail to abide by traffic signs or lights, causing devastating collisions in intersections. Other accidents could involve one vehicle attempting to turn, change lanes, or making another risky maneuver within an intersection.
    • Single-Vehicle Accidents — Not all car crashes necessarily involve other vehicles, and the driver is frequently assumed to have been at fault for most single-vehicle accidents. In truth, such drivers may have been powerless to prevent such accidents if they lost control because of a mechanical defect possibly caused by an improper repair or defective part. Even if the driver was at fault, passengers may still be entitled to compensation.
    • Rollover Accidents — Commercial tractor-trailers are more prone to rolling over than other vehicles, but rollover risks certainly exist for some passenger vehicles as well, such as certain sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickups. When one vehicle rolls over, the occupants within the vehicle are at risk as well as the occupants of other vehicles that may be struck by the rollover.
    • Multiple-Vehicle Accidents — Not all crashes are limited to two cars. Some accidents may involve many vehicles. Such cases become immediately complicated because they will frequently involve multiple insurance companies.
    • Parking Lot Accidents — While most people do not think of parking lots as being common locations of car accidents, the truth is that collisions are prevalent in these areas because so many drivers commit acts of negligence while attempting to enter or exit parking spaces. Some accidents involve only property damage, but disputes about liability can be more common.
    • Hit and Run Collisions — All drivers in Kentucky have an obligation to stay at the scene of an accident they were involved in, but some people immediately leave the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense, and the penalties are more severe when accidents resulted in injury or death. Even if the driver is never found, injured victims may be able to seek compensation from their own uninsured motorist (UM) coverage.
    • T-Bone Accidents — When a vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle, it is considered a T-bone or broadside collision. A T-bone accident can result in serious injuries for the occupants seated closest to the point of impact.
    • Left Turn Crashes — Some drivers do not adequately gauge the speed of oncoming vehicles when performing left turns or fail to yield right of way, and this leads to devastating full-speed collisions. Left-turn accidents are particularly common with motorcycles.
    • Pedestrian Accidents — Pedestrians on city streets are usually off of roadways, but they can easily be struck by cars while crossing intersections. Some drivers strike pedestrians because they were distracted or more focused on other vehicles.
    • Bicycle Accidents — Bicyclists share roads in Kentucky with automobiles, but not all drivers show the proper respect for bicycles. Failure to yield is a common cause of many bicycle accidents.
    • Drunk Driving Accidents — Too many drivers decide to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or drugs, and people who are over the legal limit can face criminal charges. It is important to understand that a criminal case is separate from a civil action, so you should know that a driver who avoids a criminal conviction can still be held civilly liable.

    The list above is not all-inclusive, and it may be possible that you were involved in a crash that you do not think falls into any of these categories. You should discuss your case with our lawyers who can review the facts and advise you about your potential right to compensation.

    How We Can Help After A Car Accident in Kentucky

    If you’ve been in a car crash that was not your fault, Paul Baker Law Office is here to help. We will listen carefully to your story, collect evidence at the scene of the crash, and talk to witnesses. We will gather police reports and get medical records of your injuries and treatment. 

    Our experienced Kentucky car accident attorneys can file claims against all parties who share the blame for your accident. We will contact the other driver’s insurance company and try to negotiate a fair settlement. If they do not want to settle for the amount that covers all of your damages, we can file a lawsuit.

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