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  • Jan. Depression: How to Prove a Disability Case
  • Feb. Cardiac Claims More Challenging with Better Science
  • Mar. So Just What Is “Quarters of Coverage”?
  • Apr. Trust Fund Issues: Define The Problem Before Chopping Benefits
  • May Digestive Disorders: Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and IBS
  • Jun. Representative Payee – Duties and Pitfalls
  • Jul. Age and Disability – Congress Making Changes?
  • Aug. Disability and Pain – A Challenge of Proof
  • Sep. Cancer Listings Modified by Social Security


  • Jan. Cost of Living Increases
  • Feb. Demonstrating Limitations for Arthritic Impairments
  • Mar. Proposed Changes to Listings for Cancer Frustrating
  • Apr. Social Security Cutting District Office Services
  • May SSA Ruling for Fibromyalgia
  • Jun. Initial Application: Important to be Prepared at the Outset
  • Jul. When Choosing a Social Security Attorney – Choose Local
  • Aug. . Social Security Updates Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Requirements
  • Sep. Substance Abuse and Social Security Disability
  • Oct. Medical Records Can Make or Break a Claim
  • Nov. SSA Issues Ruling on Diabetes Complications
  • Dec. Meager COLA Increase Ends Difficult 2014


  • Jan. AIDS/HIV and Hepatitis C Disability Still Evolving
  • Feb. What to Expect an  Administrative Judge Hearing
  • Mar. Proving Anxiety Disorders for Disability Claims
  • Apr. Listing of Impairments: Key to Disability Eligibility
  • May. Back Pain Claims: Most Common Disability
  • Jun. Updates on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Jul. ADA Protection and Social Security Benefits
  • Aug. Challenges to Proving Lupus as a Disability
  • Sep. How Can a Claimant Afford an Attorney?
  • Oct. Social Security Eliminates “Mental Retardation” Title
  • Nov. Depression and Disability: How to Prove a Case


  • Jan. Proving Disability for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Feb. Psychiatric Disorders as Basis for Disability .
  • Mar. The Dirty Dozen: 12 Biggest Mistakes Claimants Make
  • Apr. Getting Your Clients All Possible Benefits
  • May. Use of Hands Vital To Most Jobs
  • Jun. Substance Abuse: Is it Still a Disability?
  • Jul. Disability Factors in Respiratory Diseases
  • Aug. New Compassionate Allowance Conditions Announced
  • Sep. Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Fast-Tracked Decisions
  • Oct. New Ruling for Fibromyalgia
  • Nov. Important Tips fro Filling Out Forms
  • Dec. How Can Providers Help Disability Claims?


  • Jan. Documenting Limitations for Arthritic Impairments
  • Feb. Medical Records Can Make or Break a Claim
  • Mar. Mental Illness Claims: Challenging But Winnable
  • Apr. Combined Impairments Help Prove Disability
  • May. Expediting Your Client’s Social Security Claim
  • Jun. Cardiovascular Disability on the Rise
  • Jul. Treating Physicians’ Role in Disability Claims
  • Aug. Digestive Disorders: Chron’s Disease, IBS and Colitis
  • Sept. When do Dependent Children Qualify for Payments?
  • Oct. When Does Kidney Disease Become Disabling?
  • Nov. The Role of Vocational Experts
  • Dec. Planning Inservice Trainings or Speakers for 2012?


  • Jan. SSA’s Cancer Disability Regulations Updated
  • Feb. State Economy Affects Social Security Claims
  • Mar. Proving Mental Impairments for Disability Claims
  • Apr. It Gets Easier As You Get Older
  • May Diabetes in Danger of Losing Disability Status
  • Jun. Back Pain Cases Prove Challenging But Winnable
  • >Jul. What on Earth are “Frozen Quarters?”
  • Aug. The Legal Effect of Medical Side-Effects
  • Sept. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cases Can Be Won
  • Oct. What Qualifies You for Social Security or SSI Disability?
  • Nov. Fibromyalgia: Medical and Legal Mystery
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. Lupus Covered by New Disability Regulations
  • Feb. Unemployment Benefits and Disability Law
  • Mar. Proving Pain in Disability Claims
  • Apr. What to Expect at an Administrative Judge Hearing
  • May Listing of Impairments – How Does Social Security Determine Eligibility?
  • Jun. When is Kidney Disease Disabling?
  • July RFC – The Key to Proving Disability
  • Aug. Considering Literacy as Part of a Disability Claim
  • Sept. Disability in Asthma and Other Respiratory Diseases
  • Oct. How Can a Claimant Afford a Lawyer?
  • Nov. Well-Documented Fatigue Strengthens Claims
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. Multiple Sclerosis: Unique Issues for Proving Disability
  • Feb. The Secret to Success in Reopening Prior Claims
  • Mar. Back Pain Cases Need Special Attention
  • Apr. Important Tips for Filling Out Forms
  • May Cancer Disability Claims: Develop the Whole Picture
  • Jun. Long Awaited Changes in Immune Disorder Regulations
  • July When Family Members are Eligible for Disability Benefits
  • Aug. Not Too Late for Tax Stimulus Checks
  • Sep. 11 Biggest Mistakes Claimants Make
  • Oct. Personality Disorders as a Basis for Disability
  • Nov. Brain Injuries May Trigger Eligibility for Benefits
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. The Sequential Evaluation: How it Works
  • Feb. Rules on Neurological Disorders Being Revised
  • Mar. Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and Digestive Disorders
  • Apr. New Ruling on “Acceptable Medical Evidence”
  • May Cardiovascular Disease Gains on Boomers
  • Jun. Devastating Backlogs at Every Level
  • Jul. Disabled Veterans May Qualify for Social Security
  • Aug. Soc. Security Claims: When is it Time to Get Legal Help?
  • Sep. Documenting Limitations for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Oct. Disability Claimants and Private Insurance
  • Nov. When is Psychiatric Illnesses Disabling?
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. When Lupus is Disabling Under Social Security Law
  • Feb. Many Options for Disability Income
  • Mar. Obesity and Functional Limitations
  • Apr. Diabetes: One of the Most Common Disabling Conditions
  • May Documenting Limitations for Arthritic Impairments
  • Jun. Initial Applications: Important to Get it Right the First Time
  • Jul. How to Prove Pain in Disability Claims
  • Aug. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the SSA
  • Sep. How Can a Claimant Afford a Lawyer
  • Oct. Proving Mental Impairments for SSI Claims
  • Nov. Retirement and Social Security Disability Benefits
  • Dec. It’s Time for Year End Planning and Updates


  • Jan. Children With Disabilities May Qualify For SSI
  • Feb. Regulations Modified For Cancer Disability Claims
  • Mar. Physicians’ Role In Disability Claims
  • Apr. Best Time To File A Disability Claim? Now!
  • May Privatization: Unanswered Questions On Disability Programs
  • Jun. The Mystery Of “Frozen Quarters”
  • Jul. Reopening Prior Disability Claims
  • Aug. Changes In Attorneys’ Fees On SSI Cases
  • Sep. Full Use Of Hands Needed For Most Jobs
  • Oct. What Qualifies You For SSI Disability?
  • Nov. Medical Records – Just The Beginning Of The Story
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. Early Retirement Or Disability Benefits?
  • Feb. SSA Clarifies Rules On Substance Abuse
  • Mar. Qualified Immigrants May Receive SSI
  • Apr. Person Injury May Result In Benefits
  • May Five Ways The Attorney Helps The Claimant
  • Jun. Preparing A Successful Social Security Disability Claim
  • Jul. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Rules Under Revision
  • Aug. Social Security Programs At A Glance
  • Sep. Combination Of Disabilities May Be Key To Benefits
  • Oct. Making Sense Of Mental Impairment Claims
  • Nov. Neurological Disability Standards Updated
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. Claimants May Draw From Multiple Benefit Programs
  • Feb. The First Two Stages Of Claim Appeals
  • Mar. Chronic Pain Hits A New Level: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Apr. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma And The Law
  • May Coronary Artery Disease
  • Jun. Disability Insurance Benefit Payment Rates
  • Jul. HIV Disability Standards Still Evolving
  • Aug. Standards For Medical Reports In Disability Claims
  • Sep. “Closed Periods” Of Disability May Be An Option
  • Oct. Unemployment Benefits And Disability Law
  • Nov. SSI Benefits For Children With Disabilities
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. Digestive System Disorders: Elements Of Proof For Crohn’s And Colitis Cases
  • Feb. Social Security Steps Up Its “Anti-Fraud” Program
  • Mar. Criteria For Mental Impairments Standardized
  • Apr. Social Security Updates Musculoskeletal Regulations
  • May New Evaluation Factors For Retardation
  • Jun. Considering Illiteracy As Part Of A Disability Claim
  • Jul. Extended Medical Benefits Ease Return To Work
  • Aug. Disability Claim Delays Near Crisis Level
  • Sep. Combine Impairments To Prove Disability
  • Oct. No Waiting Period Before Application
  • Nov. The Questions Social Security Disability Asks
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. Fibromyalgia: Medical And Legal Mystery
  • Feb. Cost Of Living Adjustments For 2001
  • Mar. How Are Social Security And SSI Benefits Taxed?
  • Apr. Tips For Filing An Application For Disability Benefits
  • May “Consultative Medical Exams” Require Caution
  • Jun. Claimants Can Let Us Do The Paperwork
  • Jul. Challenge Of Proving Back Pain
  • Aug. Epilepsy: The Cure Can Be As Disabling As The Disease
  • Sep. The “Dirty Dozen”: Big Mistakes Claimants Make
  • Oct. Double Whammy: Fighting Cancer And Social Security
  • Nov. On The Internet: Many Sites Offer Disability Info
  • Dec. It’s Time For Year End Planning And Updates


  • Jan. Multiple Sclerosis: When Does It Become Disability
  • Feb. Asthma-Disability Factors in Respiratory Diseases
  • Mar. Disability Claimants and Private Insurance
  • Apr. Reopening Prior Claims Increases Past Due Benefits
  • May. ADA Protection and Social Security Benefits
  • Jun. Psychiatric Disorders as Basis for Disability
  • Jul. Social Security Standards for Medical Reports
  • Aug. Diabetes Mellitus May Qualify For Benefits
  • Sep. Application Preserves Social Security Eligibility
  • Oct. Sources of Evidence of “Severity” Expanded
  • Nov. Documenting Limitations for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Dec. It’s Time for Year End Planning and Updates

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