Isaac Abner

Isaac Abner

Isaac Abner has been with the Paul Baker Law Office since 2014, when he was an unpaid intern from Northern Kentucky University’s Chase College of Law in Newport. He commuted about three hours each way for the opportunity to work as an intern with the firm.

“Far and wide, you just meet the best people,” he said of handing Social Security disability cases. “They’re at their wits’ end emotionally and financially, and you get to come in and help them out. It’s very rewarding.”

Abner graduated from law school in 2015 and officially became a staff attorney at the Paul Baker Law Office in Barbourville. A Barbourville native, he studied history and political science at Union College here, graduating in 2011.

Abner is licensed in both Kentucky and Tennessee and handles car accident cases in addition to disability law.

He feels at home at the firm, where Paul Baker’s stepson, Patrick House; daughter, Jessica Baker; and wife, Susie Baker, also work. Abner played tennis with Jessica Baker in high school, and his great-uncle is one of Paul Baker’s close friends.

“There’s definitely a family relationship here,” he said.

When not at work, Abner enjoys family time with his wife, a nurse practitioner, and their two young children.

He’s also an enthusiastic runner and likens his area of law to the endurance of a long-distance race. You have to hang in there when the going gets tough. Clients can be unsure about the legal process, so he’s determined to help them feel comfortable.

“I can make sure that they’re heard and we get the appropriate testimony,” he said.

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